About the Center

Professionals in the STEMM fields have been trained to be objective, systematic thinkers. However, they are often not aware that they too have gender and race biases, learned from our broader culture, which distort the process of fair evaluation and fair reward, waste talent, and impede innovation. In addition, women are starkly underrepresented and undervalued in engineering, the physical sciences, and many medical specialties.

We, the affiliates and directors of CRG-STEMM, are scholars from a wide range of disciplines who study how gender disparities unfold in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). We study this process among different populations and at different points in career trajectories, from STEMM graduates interviewing for first jobs to scientists in industry to established engineers at top research universities. We publish in academic journals and broad access outlets and consider the dissemination and use of our work a top priority.

As affiliates of CRG-STEMM we also organize opportunities for faculty to discuss strategies for teaching about gender inequality at UC San Diego as well as events to promote gender equity in STEMM departments and medical specialties. Links to research and events related to the Center can be found in the News and Events tab.

Our research and events are aimed at helping individuals and institutions identify and overcome bias. Our goal is to promote workplace cultures that nurture inclusion, productivity, and equity at UC San Diego and in STEMM industries more broadly.

We are a UC San Diego Frontiers of Innovation Center.