About the Center for Research on Gender in STEMM

We are a UC San Diego Frontiers of Innovation Center. Our mission is to bring together interdisciplinary STEMM specialists and social scientists in order to increase the understanding of gender inequality and gender equity in STEMM. 

We foster rigorous social scientific research that advances basic knowledge and supports the efforts of universities, employers and policy makers to create more equitable and productive workplaces. We also host a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) to support interdisciplinary conversations and mutual learning among faculty and graduate student instructors teaching about gender.

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Why Gender?

Gender is one of the primary categories that organize social relations. Gender, in conjunction with race, class, and sexual identity, shapes our opportunities and our self-understandings. 

The workplace has been called a "gender factory," where gender differences and inequalities are produced. Women are entering STEMM professional positions in increasing numbers but remain under-valued and under-represented at senior levels. Further, our Faculty Learning Community supports those who teach gender as a main axis of analysis. 


STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) fields provide arenas for innovation and economic development.  

Professionals in STEMM have been trained to be objective, systematic observers of complex phenomena. However, they are often not aware that they too have gender and race biases, learned from the culture, which distort the process of fair evaluation and reward. These processes devalue and exclude many women and other under-represented groups, waste talent, and impede innovation.  

Our research sheds light on the processes of bias and culture that affect workplace climate and rewards. We also offer insights into how to overcome bias and how to promote workplace cultures that nurture inclusion, productivity, and equity.