Cristina Visperas

Department of Communication, UCSD

Cristina Visperas received her B.S. in biotechnology at UCD and her M.A. in media studies at SDSU. She has been a research assistant in both academic and industry laboratory settings, including research in stem cells, burn injuries, parasitic plants, and the biochemistry of membranes. She is now a graduate student in Communication and Science Studies. Her current research interests sits at the cross-overs between disability/freak studies, gender studies, and science and technology studies. Her theoretical leanings and approaches are primarily underwritten by scholarly work in Black studies, notably those in Afro-pessimism. Cristina’s work is focused on how blackness, gender, and disability were entangled in the context of science and medicine under slavery in the U.S., or how the slave structures and figures in the grammar and optics of scientific objectivity, expertise, and narratives of evidence.