Guðbjörg Linda Rafnsdóttir

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, University of Iceland

Dr. Gudbjörg Linda Rafnsdóttir is professor in Sociology at the University of Iceland. She earned her MA and Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Lund, Sweden. She has an experience in sociological and interdisciplinary researches on work organization, occupational health, well being and welfare. Her research interests include new trends in working life, well being at work, work-family balance and gender theory. Now she is working on a research project about the gendering of the time. Dr. Rafnsdóttir has published a number of articles and book in several languages within this field.

Related Publications:

Heijstra T.M., O‘Connor, P. and Rafnsdóttir, G.L. 2013. "Explaining Gender Inequality in Iceland: What Makes the Difference?” The European Journal of Higher Education 3(4): 324 - 341.

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Rafnsdóttir, G. L. and Heijstra, T. M. 2011. "Balancing Work–family Life in Academia: The Power of Time."
Gender, Work & Organization. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0432.2011.00571.x

Heijstra T.M and Rafnsdóttir G.L. 2010. "The Internet and Academic’s Workload and Work-Family Balance." Internet and Higher Education 13(3): 158-163.

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