Jerry Jacobs

Department of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Jerry A. Jacobs has been a member of the faculty in sociology at Penn since 1983, when he completed his Ph.D. in sociology at Harvard. He has served as the Editor of the American Sociological Review and the President of the Eastern Sociological Society. His research has addressed a number of aspects of women's employment, including authority, earnings, working conditions, part-time work and work-family conflict, and entry into male-dominated occupations. His book, The Changing Face of Medicine, with Ann Boulis, (Cornell University Press, 2008), is a multi-faceted portrayal of women’s entry into the medical profession over the last 30 years. This project examines the lives and careers of busy professionals, themes that were developed in his earlier book, The Time Divide, with Kathleen Gerson (Harvard University Press, 2004). Jacobs’ most recent book, In Defense of Disciplines: Interdisciplinarity, Specialization and the Research University, was published in 2013 by the University of Chicago Press; this research was conducted with grant support from the Aflred P. Sloan and Lyle M. Spencer Foundations.